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Rental Agreement for Helgafell Rentals

The following rental agreement pertains to all rentals booked via website, email, telephone, or other means with Olav Forum ehf (Helgafell Rentals), kt. (ID nr.) 6709760419, vsk (VAT) nr. 74580, which company has full agency over all rental properties on the website helgafellrentals.com.

The tenant is required to accept this agreement before booking a property. After a property is booked and paid for, a short-term rental contract has been agreed upon for a specific property and the tenant has accepted this rental agreement.

1.0 Booking & Payment

The tenant must be older than 20 and Helgafell Rentals reserves the right to demand approved identification for verification of age.

Payment may be made by direct bank transfer or credit card through the secure server, Borgun.

The tenant must pay a cleaning fee (120€) in addition to the rental fee, to cover the cleaning of the property and all linens. Along with the rental price, a security deposit of 500€ must be paid to cover damage and misuse of the property in accordance with section 6.0 below.

In order to confirm the booking, the tenant must pay 20% of the rental cost, including the cleaning fee and security deposit if there are more than 14 days to check-in. For bookings that are made prior to 14 days from check-in, tenant must pay 100% of the rental cost, including the cleaning fee and security deposit.

2.0 Rental Price

An up-to-date listing of rental prices can be found on the website. Included in the rental price are bedding, bath towels, dish towels, hand towels, electricity, and water.

3.0 Check-in & Check-out

Property keys are provided on location.

Check-in starts at 18:00 on the first day of the contract and guests must check-out no later than 12:00 on the final day. Additional days can often be booked up until the final day, though surcharges for extension vary by property.

If a tenant does not check out in a timely fashion, Helgafell Rentals reserves the right to charge an additional amount of up to 250€.

4.0 Changes & Cancellations

If booking or cancellation is required after booking confirmation, please contact Helgafell Rentals. Helgafell will make every effort to accommodate the lessee for a change in booking but cannot guarantee that such a request will be fulfilled at no cost.

Deposits (20% of total amount paid upon booking) are not refunded. Remaining balance will be refunded if the cancelation occurs within 7 days before check-in. Other cases must be considered for a reason and cause, but also exceptional circumstances can give a full refund.

It must be remembered that there is strong competition in this sector and many examples show that vandalism exist. Helgafell will stand by and operate under honest and legal terms.

The lessee is responsible for his or her rental period and in case of delays or delays due to his travel, it is his own responsibility.

5.0 Cleaning

According to the rental agreement, the tenant must pay for cleaning and laundry services. The property shall be clean when the tenant arrives, including clean linens, hand soap, dish soap, toilet paper, and towels.

If the tenant is unsatisfied with these things upon arrival, they should provide feedback so the problem can be rectified. If no feedback is given, we assume everything was acceptable.

Though there is a cleaning fee, before checking out, the tenant must remove all leftover food, rubbish must be brought to bins outside, and all kitchenware should be clean and ready for the next tenants. If there is a grill outside, that also must be clean and ready for use.

6.0 Security Deposit

A security deposit of 500€ must be paid upon accepting the rental agreement provided by Helgafell Rentals to cover any significant damage or misuse of the property.

This security deposit is not intended for minor damage such as the occasional broken glass or plate, but for permanent damage or destruction of the property.

The property owner or manager reserve the right to draw from this security deposit those funds needed to pay for necessary repairs incurred as a result of such damage.

In addition, the property owner or manager bears the responsibility to refund the security deposit upon check-out if the property has not been damaged in this way.

 7.0 Obligations: Tenants

  1.   The tenants oblige themselves to follow the house rules.
  2.   If the tenant or their guests damage the property, the tenant is responsible for all relevant incurred costs.
  3.   A third party will be consulted to assess the cost of any repairs and the tenant must pay that amount. This only applies to misuse of the property whether intentional or unintentional.
  4.   The total number of guests at a property must not exceed the maximum number set forth in the property’s description on the Helgafell Rentals website. Children age 2 and younger are not included in this number.
  5.   Non-paying guests are allowed during the day, but they must not spend the night.
  6.   Pets are not allowed, and smoking is not allowed indoors.
  7.   Always respect the neighbors and keep noise to a reasonable minimum.
  8.   Tenants are asked to keep in mind that property owners are accountable for tenants’ behavior regarding neighbors and housing associations.
  9.   If a tenant’s behavior causes significant disruption, Helgafell Rentals reserves the right to evict the tenant and deny any refund.
  10. Treat the property well and keep it reasonably clean during your stay.
  11. Tenants should be careful at the pool included with the property and mind their children do so as well.
  12. If the keys are locked inside the property, the tenant must pay for the locksmith.

8.0 Obligations: Helgafell Rentals (HR)

  1.   All information about the properties on the website is correct and up to date.
  2.   HR is responsible to ensure that all rentals are in accordance with all local and national regulations and laws, including those regarding health, safety, and insurance.
  3.   HR is not responsible for any direct or indirect cost, damage, or loss incurred by tenants or their guests before, during, or after their stay.
  4.   HR is not responsible for disruption of service, malfunctioning appliances or disturbance caused by repairs outside of the rented property. If complaints of such are received, HR will respond in a timely fashion.
  5.   HR will respect tenant’s privacy and will not relinquish information about the business arrangement with tenants. Personal information collected by HR will only be used to improve services to better serve tenants in the future. HR may not exchange or sell personal information to third parties or institutions.

9.0 Disclaimer of Liability

  1.   Helgafell Rentals is not liable for any direct or indirect cost, damage or loss caused by the tenant directly or indirectly or by other guests before, during, or after their stay, except where HR is legally liable.
  2.   Helgafell Rentals is not liable for disruption of services, breakdown of appliances within the rental property, or disturbance caused by repair or other work outside of the rental property. If complaints of such are received, HR will address the issue in a reasonable fashion. If the conditions have a significantly negative effect on the tenant’s stay and HR is unable to rectify the situation within 48 hours, other accommodation will be offered, if such is available.
  3.   If an unavoidable and unexpected circumstance arises and HR cannot provide the tenant access to the agreed upon rental property, Helgafell Rentals is responsible to provide a substitute property of similar description in the immediate vicinity as a replacement.

10.0 Copyright

All material on the website Helgafellrentals.com is the intellectual property of Olav Forum ehf and all copyrights are reserved. Material may not be copied or distributed without written permission.

Helgafell Rentals cautions that there may be typographical and printing errors in the materials provided, both online and in printed form.

11.0 Privacy Policy

The privacy policy from Helgafell Rentals can be accessed here:

12.0 Laws and Address for Service

Terms of trade are governed by the terms of service, which are defined in the Act on Housing and Shopping Agreements no. 46/2000 and the Act on Service Purchase no. 42/2000. If a case arises out of Olav Forum ehf’s business agreements and / or the Company’s general terms and conditions, it shall be brought before the Reykjavík District Court. The company’s address for service is in Reykjavik.

Last edited on 22.10.2019